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Bolivia: MAS Demands Guaranteed Election Date Through Dialogue

  • Movement Towards Socialism candidates hold a press conference in La Paz, Bolivia, August 8, 2020.

    Movement Towards Socialism candidates hold a press conference in La Paz, Bolivia, August 8, 2020. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 8 August 2020

MAS candidate Luis Arce urged the Supreme Electoral Court to set a fixed election date determined through a mechanism of dialogue.

Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) candidates say they will accept an election date decided upon through dialogue and that it must be guaranteed by law.


Bolivia: General Elections Are Postponed to October

In a press conference on Saturday afternoon, Presidential candidate Luis Arce and Vice Presidential candidate David Choquehuanca said that the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) must guarantee and set and immovable date, in order to restore democracy in Bolivia. 

The MAS leaders also said that the right to education and the economic crisis, affecting Bolivia’s most vulnerable, is what has driven people to the blockades being held across the country. 

Earlier in the day, the coup-born regime leader Jeanine Añez called for dialogue to be held on Sunday "to confirm an election date and suspend the blockades." Añez suggested the attendance of TSE, COB labour federation, Presidential candidates of all participating parties, the Senate & Lower House Presidents and Catholic Church observers.

Saturday marked day six of strategic road and highway blockades all around the country as organized working class sectors, namely the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) and Pacto de Unidad, have demanded September 6th elections.

Four official dates for elections have been set by the TSE, the most recent being October 18th.

In an interview with Radio Kawsachun Coca on Friday, Morales warned that Bolivia's military is planning another coup to strengthen its own power, through the establishment of a civilian-military government.

The military recently received two aircraft with weapons from the U.S. and it had been previously warned that snipers were sent to El Alto and the Chapare to carry out a siege on the multi-sector citizen groups upholding the blockades.

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