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Bolivia: Luis Arce Calls for OAS Almagro's Resignation

  • President-elect Luis Arce catacora at campaign event.

    President-elect Luis Arce catacora at campaign event. | Photo: @LuchoXBolivia

Published 24 October 2020

The Puebla Group, CELAG, former President Evo Morales and many other prominent Latin American voices have called for the OAS head's resignation.

Bolivia's President-elect Luis Arce has joined growing calls for the resignation of OAS chief Luis Almagro. In an interview with La Razon, a Bolivian newspaper, Arce said that Almagro must go for 'ethical and moral reasons' following the discredited OAS report of 2019 that indivated that there had been electoral fraud under the last government of Evo Morales.


Puebla Group Demands Luis Almagro's Resignation From OAS

"I think things are clear, we all agree here. There was no fraud, there was a whole preparation for a coup, of which the OAS was unfortunately a part," in reference to the post-election audit that led to the military intervening to demand the resignation of Evo Morales. 

OAS chief Luis Almagro specifically has under criticism for his activist role in the region in favour of US interests. On Almagro, Arce said, "We do not agree that an important body be in the hands of people wearing the shirt of a political party or of a political ideology in the region. They should not be interference in the internal affairs of a country. If Almagro did that in Bolivia, imagine, he can do it with any other country, and we cannot allow that."

Luis Arce's comments follow similar calls by Evo Morales who said in a press conference on Thursday that, "Luis Almagro must resign, his hands are stained with the blood of Bolivians and he has no moral authority to direct the destinies of the OAS,"  in reference to the two massacres carried out by Bolivia's de facto government, who seized power shortly after the now discredited OAS report was released. 

The government of Mexico has also joined calls for Almagros resignation. Senior official Maximiliano Reyes said on wednesday that, "In the Bolivian elections in 2019, the General Secretariat used the electoral observation mission in a facetious manner to prematurely denounce an alleged fraud that never existed."

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