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UHCNR Creates Working Group on Peasant Rights

  • Peasants and rural workers.

    Peasants and rural workers. | Photo: X/ @via_campesina

Published 12 October 2023

Bolivia, Cuba, Gambia, Indonesia, Luxembourg, South Africa, and Kyrgyzstan crafted the resolution.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR) approved a resolution to establish the "Working Group on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas."


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This group will become an international mechanism to monitor and address the rights of this significant segment of the population.

Bolivian Vice Chancellor Freddy Mamani participated in the session and the negotiations for adopting the declaration on the rights of peasants and rural workers.

The OHCHR resolution is part of the diplomatic efforts that Bolivia has been promoting to advance the transformation towards truly equitable and sustainable food systems.

This initiative aligns with the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Farmers and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP). The new working group is established to promote effective and comprehensive implementation of such declaration.

It also paves the way for facilitating and contributing to the exchange of technical assistance, capacity building, technology transfer, and international cooperation in support of national efforts, actions, and measures to improve the UNDROP application.

Bolivia crafted the resolution in collaboration with a group of countries, including Cuba, Gambia, Indonesia, Luxembourg, South Africa, and Kyrgyzstan.


Freddy Mamani
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