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Bolivia: Scholastic Organizations Join Hunger Protests

  • Protestants in central Cochabamba, Bolivia.  May 13, 2020.

    Protestants in central Cochabamba, Bolivia. May 13, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/@KawsachunCoca

Published 14 May 2020

Professors said  the massive dismissal leaves them with no economic assurance after the school closures due to pandemic.

Bolivia's educators joined on May 13 the strikes against coup born government, after massive layoffs amidst the ongoing pandemic due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


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According to the Confederation of Urban Education Workers of Bolivia (CETUB) leader, Vladimir Laura, about 800 professors and education specialists who were instructing other teachers were dismissed in early May. Laura stressed their employers breached their contracts by not relocating them.

Cochabamba, Oruro, and Chuquisaca teachers joined hunger strikes to claim for their repositioning. Professors state the massive dismissal leaves them with no economic assurance after the school closures due to pandemic. Most of them have no other income source, as protesters said.

"Teachers from PROFOCOM who were dismissed went on a hunger strike, demanding that the Minister of Education return them to their jobs."

"Our rights have been completely violated. We are on the fighting trail and we are going to go all the way. Please, dear people, please support us," declared teacher Tatiana Solís Espinosa to local news media. “Minister of Education, you left 500 families with no job,” their signs read.

"Also in Cochabamba, the teachers are in an emergency, they installed a picket line for the same demand, the reincorporation of the teachers, who were taken out of the system, amidst quarantine."

The de facto government issued decrees 4179 and 4199, which state that all personnel in the public and private sectors shall be entitled to the payment of their salaries. Besides, the Ministry of Labor emitted communication 14/2020, which prohibits the unjustified dismissal of workers due to the pandemic. 

Currently, protesters demand food aid and economic assistance, after government decreed quarantine restrictions with no support strategy for those in need. They allege a lack of food, drinkable water, and other basic supplies due to resources scarce. 

So far, Bolivia registered 3,148 positive cases, 142 deaths, and 339 recoveries. 

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