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Alberto Fernandez Offers Argentina as a Home to Evo Morales

  • Evo Morales and Alberto Fernandez had met in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, back in September, days before both faced elections in October.

    Evo Morales and Alberto Fernandez had met in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, back in September, days before both faced elections in October. | Photo: Página 12

Published 14 November 2019

A few days after the military coup against the indigenous leader, the winning candidate of Frente de Todos calls to respect institutionality, democracy and a nation's right to decide heir own path without foreign intervention during his visit to Uruguay.

“If I had been president, I would have offered (Evo) political asylum from the first day. Argentina is the house of all Bolivians,” declared Alberto Fernandez in Montevideo, during his visit to support candidate Daniel Martinez from Frente Amplio, in the second round of general elections in Uruguay.


Argentina: Congress Rejects the Coup d'Etat in Bolivia

After meeting his homolog, Tabare Vazquez, Fernandez addressed media to express his solidarity and concerned about the plurinational state after the coup which happened last Sunday. He also said that he had been informed of Morales's situation, throughout the whole process and acknowledged asking Mauricio Macri to accept Evo as a refugee. However, Mexican head of state, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was the one who received him.

When asked about the possibility of welcoming the Bolivian indigenous leader in Argentina, the winning candidate of Frente de Todos answered that he would be pleased with the idea and extended the offer to vice-president Alvaro Garcia Linera. 

I also met my friend @Dmartinez_uy , the candidate of the Frente Amplio in Uruguay. An honest man and always attentive to the demands of the most vulnerable. Let's keep the flame of democracy in Uruguay and throughout the continent.

Alberto Fernandez advocated to let each nation solve its own future throughout votes and without foreign pressures: "There is a continent that is demanding more progressivism. I feel that we are on a continent that is reviewing these times. What needs to be preserved is institutionality, and when democracy is in crisis we have to save it with more democracy, not less."

Furthermore, it was confirmed that Uruguayan head of state Tabaré Vázquez will participate in Fernandez's investiture next December 10th. The president to be expressed that "it is a great joy to see him and we will work together as long as we are both presidents," while referring to their similar political perspectives towards the continent.

With Tabaré Vázquez we have common visions and concerns about our countries and the continent. We both believe in the need to build societies with greater equality and to strengthen democracy in the region, which is the guarantee of our freedom and sovereignty.

The invitation, to participate in the electoral campaign, came from the Vázquez himself and included lunch between Alberto Fernández and Daniel Martínez, along with other leaders of the Frente Amplio. The current mayor of Montevideo had already met with the former chief of Cabinet in early October when the Uruguayan visited him, with Mujica, in his offices on Mexico Street to give his support before the elections of October 27th.

That same date, both candidates won in their respective countries. In Martinez case reached 39.9 percent of the votes, against Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, of the National Party, 29 percent. However, the difference did not allow candidates from Frente Amplio to be elected first round. On Sunday 24th, Uruguay will define its future for the next five years.

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