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Argentina: Congress Rejects the Coup d'Etat in Bolivia

  • Indigenous woman holds white flags as she faces police officers during a protest in La Paz, Bolivia Nov. 13, 2019.

    Indigenous woman holds white flags as she faces police officers during a protest in La Paz, Bolivia Nov. 13, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 November 2019

Even the Argentine Right admitted that there has been a "coup against democracy" in the Andean country.

Both chambers of the Argentine parliament on Wednesday passed resolutions to condemn the coup d'etat against Bolivia's President Evo Morales.


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In the Senate, both the Left and the Right presented draft resolutions to condemn the ongoing political events in the neighboring Andean country.

"Evo Morales was forced to asylum in another country because the army and the police broke their constitutional obligations and that means a coup d'etat," Senator Mario Pais said.

The right-wing block, which supports Argentina's President Mauricio Macri, presented a project to reject the "coup to democracy".

According to the Radical Civic Union (UCR) senator Silvia Giacoppo, however, Evo Morales would have been responsible for what happened because "he tried to perpetuate himself in power."

Despite this sort of ideological resistances, the Argentine senators ended up approving the project presented by the Left, which mentioned the words "coup d'etat."

"Long live Evo! Long live the sister Plurinational Republic of Bolivia! Today, from Argentina's Congress, we repudiate the coup d'etat and defend Latin American democracy; despite Mauricio Macri's complicity with the coup."

​​​​​​In Argentina's Chamber of Deputies, which met on Wednesday for the first time after two months of inactivity, the Front for Victory (FV) and the Justicialist Party (PJ) presented a draft resolution, which was also approved with the votes of most lawmakers.

"The resolution declaring that there is a coup d'etat in Bolivia has been approved," the Chamber of Deputies president Emilio Monzo said.

The deputies' resolution expresses "its repudiation of the coup d'etat perpetrated in Bolivia, which forced President Evo Morales and his vice president to resign to preserve peace."​​​​​​​

"It also appeals to the restoration of the constitutional order and democracy," the FV-PJ bench leader Agustin Rossi said and warned that “the U.S. has a lot to do with the coup."

While both Chambers were discussing their resolution projects on Wednesday, the Macri administration continued to avoid public statements regarding what is happening in Bolivia​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​

The crisis unleashed during the planning and execution of the coup in Bolivia has left 8 dead, 508 injured and 460 detained so far, according to the Bolivian Ombudsman's Office.​​​​​​​

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