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‘We Won't Allow Another Coup’, Bolivian President Arce Warns

  • Indigenous Guard members celebrate the first year in office of President Luis Arce, La Paz, Bolivia, 2021.

    Indigenous Guard members celebrate the first year in office of President Luis Arce, La Paz, Bolivia, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @PixiedustJtT

Published 11 November 2021

After hearing threats from the US-backed far-right politicians, Bolivian progressive organizations defended the Movement Towards Socialism-led revolution.

On Thursday, President Luis Arce warned far-right organizations that the Bolivian people will not allow a coup to overthrow his administration.


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During a rally with thousands of people held in Shinahota municipality in the Cochabamba department, he recalled that Santa Cruz Civic Committee President Romulo Calvo brazenly and openly said that "the government of Lucho Arce must be overthrown."

In response to this threat, however, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) leader said, "Brothers... we will not allow that."

Present at this massive rally called by Cochabamba's six farmers' federations were also former President Evo Morales and Senate President Andronico Rodriguez, both of whom ratified their support for the democratically elected government.

"The right-wing politicians want to seize with violence and not with a democratic spirit what the people won in the October 2020 elections. The violent opposition wants the government to fail and lose its popular support," Arce explained.

Initially, the Shinatoa meeting was intended to reject the coup against Evo Morales that occurred in November 2019. However, after hearing threats from the US-backed right-wing politicians, Bolivian progressive organizations decided to turn the meeting into an opportunity to defend the MAS-led democratic revolution.

"Those right-wing threats have purely political intentions... They just want to remember their 2019 coup d'état," MAS leader Leonardo Loza said, adding that the Jeanine Añez regime "destroyed the economy and violated human rights."

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