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Wang Yi: China Opposes Groups Ganging up for Maritime Hegemony

  • CHINA: The US is pushing 'maritime hegemony' by sailing in the South China Sea.

    CHINA: The US is pushing 'maritime hegemony' by sailing in the South China Sea. | Photo: Twitter @BusinessInsider

Published 9 November 2021

The Chinese FM Wang Yi called on countries to uphold the banner of multilateralism, safeguard the international system with the UN at its core and safeguard the maritime order based on international laws.

China insisted today on respect for international laws when expressing its opposition to some countries that violate the rights of others and make up exclusive circles to ensure hegemony in maritime affairs.


China Rejects US And EU Meddling In Taiwan Issue

Speaking at a global symposium on ocean governance, Foreign Minister Wang Yi rejected any display of naval force, stood for unity and adherence to multilateralism to resolve differences on maritime issues.

The Foreign Minister called for safeguarding the international system with the United Nations at the center and, in the case of the South Sea, indicated that China and countries of Southeast Asia should seek further progress in the process of consultations on the Code of Conduct in this area.

The destiny and future of countries are linked as they face the same complicated economic situations and security challenges, and humanity should not be divided into different islands or camps by ocean, Wang said.

In his opinion, issuing a reference document would convert that space into a zone of peace, friendship, and cooperation.

On the other hand, Wang also stood for the rational and orderly use of marine resources and called on the international community to jointly face challenges like global warming and the accelerated rise in sea levels.

He underlined that China attaches great importance to achieving a maritime civilization, works to strengthen the prevention and control of pollution, and protects biodiversity.

Likewise, the diplomatic official ratified Beijing’s will to collaborate with other nations on such issues and contribute to the green development of oceans.


Wang Yi
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