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Vice-Presidential Debate Ratifies Old-Fashioned Foreign Policy

  • Symbol on stage at the Harris-Pence Debate, Oct. 7, 2020.

    Symbol on stage at the Harris-Pence Debate, Oct. 7, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 8 October 2020

Both Republicans and Democrats seek to enforce U.S. domination of trade and diplomacy.

Nothing new came in the vice-presidential debate in the United States on Wednesday night. Neither Kamala Harris nor Mike Pence diverged from the scripts written by their campaigns.


Pence and Kamala Harris Clash in Vice-Presidential Debate

There were issues that divided them sharply, such as the women’s right to choose and the attitude to racism in the United States. However, they agreed that the United States should be the most powerful country in the world. On this issue, basically, they disagreed in the strategies and tactics to impose U.S superiority.

This came across in their brief exchange over China. The issue was only how to best subordinate China to U.S. interests, particularly U.S. corporate interests.

The Democratic candidate Harris said that President Donald Trump had lost the "Trade War" to China, while Pence said Biden would surrender U.S. power to China. Neither said that this entire new cold war against the Asian country is dangerous and futile.

Harris said that Trump had reduced the image of U.S leadership on the world stage while Pence said that Trump’s eagerness to use military force such as to assassinate the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani enhanced the U.S power.

There is a difference in terror: the Democrats eager to appear likable while the Republicans concerned to look tough, even toxic as they push aside elected leaders of countries to get on the front of the line.

For a person who lives in Iran or Venezuela, there was no relief in the debate. Biden and Harris, as well as Trump and Pence, seek to enforce U.S. domination of trade and diplomacy. This is a pity for the people of the world who no longer want to take orders from Washington.

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