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Vice President Rodriguez Rejects UK Ruling on Venezuelan Gold

  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, 2022.

    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @fotoecocultura

Published 29 July 2022

She said other countries' central banks are concerned about the illegal retention of Venezuelan reserves because they know that the same thing could happen to them in the future.

On Friday, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced that the Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV) will undertake all necessary actions to safeguard the nation's interests in the face of the decision of the U.K. High Court of Justice in the case of Venezuelan gold deposited in the Bank of England.


UK Judge Prevents Venezuela From Accessing Its Gold Reserves

A few hours earlier, the British Judge Sara Cockerill issued a ruling patronizing the claims of the ad hoc BCV board illegally appointed by opposition politician Juan Guaido. In justifying her decision, the judge argued that she does not have jurisdiction to validate the sentences through which the Venezuelan Supreme Court annulled Guaido's BCV board appointments.

"Venezuela flatly rejects the ruling of the British court related to the gold illegally confiscated by the Bank of England," she said, asking the British authorities not to continue with "the merry mockery" that former lawmaker Guaido is president of a country.

"He is not president nor will he ever be... The Venezuelan people know very well who this criminal is," Rodriguez stressed with indignation at the looting of a gold monetary reserve that belongs to the Venezuelan nation.

The Bolivarian leader warned the British authorities about the international consequences of their actions, among which is the discrediting of the United Kingdom as a country in which public or private investors can safely deposit their assets.

In this regard, Rodriguez revealed that the other countries's central banks have contacted the Bolivarian authorities to learn all the details of the case of Venezuelan monetary reserves withheld in the United Kingdom.

"Central banks are concerned because they know the same thing could happen to them in the future," she said, calling on the British authorities to amend their behavior and act in accordance with international law.

Rodriguez ratified the commitment of President Nicolas Maduro's administration to continue defending the Venezuelan "integrity, dignity, gold, and heritage." She also warned that the Venezuelan judiciary operates correctly and independently.

"Here, justice will be done against the fascist criminal group that is dedicated to stealing the assets of the Venezuelan people," she said, referring to the looting actions carried out abroad by the U.S.-backed politician Guaido and his allies.

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