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Venezuelans Hold Forum in Solidarity With Diplomat Alex Saab

  • Poster of a campaign in solidarity with Alex Saab.

    Poster of a campaign in solidarity with Alex Saab. | Photo: Twitter/ @Dimejimacaulay

Published 15 June 2023

"For a political prisoner, oblivion is deadly," said Saab, who sent a message to his compatriots from a Florida jail.

On Wednesday, social activists held the forum "Lawfare against Venezuela: Three years of the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab" in Caracas. Attendees at the event were able to listen to an audio message sent by the Venezuelan diplomat who is currently imprisoned in Miami. Here is his message:


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I want to read you a letter that I sent you on today's forum. I thank you for honoring us with your presence here in Caracas, to converse, analyze, and generate proposals that will help us continue to confront this immoral scourge called "lawfare."

It would take many days to tell you everything I have learned about this disastrous society that made deals with evil in several countries, the law, and some media outlets.

But I only have six or seven minutes, and here, where time seems frozen yet always moving, sometimes with a simple tale, you can convey more than in fleeting six minutes lived in too many days.

This simple tale is a message from the character who has lost the most value in this lawfare novel. His confusion, like that of many, is entirely real. I assure you that each line of his message could be the subject of a forum. You just must know how to look.

He is called the human being. He asks me to tell you that he is very concerned because after so many years of lying, deceiving, slandering, and misinforming, seeking to dominate lives, he unknowingly tamed his conscience, and now his reason cannot distinguish between good and evil either.

The human being says that at first, he thought it didn't matter, but recently, he was informed that one of those lives, despite three years of torture, isolation, slander, and dark solitude, had not been tamed, let alone ceased to fight.

The human being recounts that, alarmed by this failure, he angrily descended to the 20 meters where the dark room of sand and salt was located, where the kidnapped lives were guarded by a madman from the sea.

But to his surprise, he found that this life, having eluded its security once again, was embracing two tender and beautiful girls who called him daddy: my three-and-a-half-year-old Charly and my six-year-old Mimi.

The human being says that upon seeing that this life had a real family, he pushed away his tamed conscience and gave it a chance to speak. Life told him that by bringing food to free and beautiful but blocked lives, it lost its freedom.

After seeing over 70 pieces of evidence, several confessions, and at least five sentences, he asked the human being, "And then what? How many more times must I win?"

The distressed human being, now without his tamed conscience, reproached his partner, the law, for such baseness. Surprised, she reminded him that she was modestly corrupt and serious, so what was once fabricated would always be fabricated. He went to the media to denounce it, but Carlson Tucker had left, and the others told him that evil paid more.

Then, the human being, eager to free his conscience, remembered a story about a rebellious law that, in addition to being a mere law, was also a tradition and that if lives used it without isolating themselves, without excluding themselves, and if despite all the differences they used it to dialogue, to stop conflicts, to find solutions for humanity, impartially, it would be capable of seating beings again and even freeing the most tamed consciences. It is called diplomacy, a new opportunity.

It is said today that there are over 2,500 political prisoners in the world. With the indiscriminate increase in the use of lawfare, I dare say there are many more, but each case must be seen independently because the suffering of a political prisoner and their family must be respected and not used as a title to achieve impunity.

I am sure that those who, like me, have suffered physical and psychological torture simply for defending just causes or for being forced to make false accusations or for defending the right to life, the right to food, health, freedom of the press, or association, understand me.

It is disappointing for us that, despite finding legal tools, they seem insufficient because the justice that is judging us seems more like a constant suicide of reason. That is why, for those of us who have been suffering from this ailment for years, what we really ask for is diplomatic intervention so that reason can be saved.

I have been blessed by the love, understanding, perseverance, and strength of my wife, my sons, and my daughters, and the unwavering support of my government. A humane government above all, one that does not abandon and understands the pain because it experienced and overcame it when it was born amidst prisons and torture.

May it continue to overcome slander and persecution so that lives that were kidnapped by poverty and inequality have hope for a dignified future with opportunities and social justice. For a political prisoner, oblivion is deadly.

That is why I want to make a plea on behalf of all political prisoners in the world and their families, on behalf of those who sometimes feel forgotten.

A plea to the humanity of governments and their counterparts to truly prioritize our lives, to not be more patient with our pain, and through dialogue, which diplomacy achieves, to free us from the world of eternal return.

Let us seal freedom and continue this journey together toward total peace.


Alex Saab
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