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Venezuelan Opposition Admits Guaido's Team Committed Corruption

  • Julio Borges, the politician who serves as foreign minister for Venezuela's U.S.-backed

    Julio Borges, the politician who serves as foreign minister for Venezuela's U.S.-backed "interim government," said on Sunday he would leave his post, further weakening the opposition just weeks after it was routed in regional elections. | Photo: Twitter/@the_postman24

Published 6 December 2021

Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges resigned from the post of commissioner of Foreign Affairs, which he held in the so-called "interim government" of Juan Guaidó, and denounced that the grouping committed acts of corruption.

"The interim government has become a group that has propitiated unacceptable actions of corruption that seriously hurt the democratic struggle and move us away from our goal of freedom," Borges expressed.

On repeated occasions, the government of President Nicolás Maduro has accused Borges of being behind the theft of state-owned companies abroad and directing destabilization and assassination attempts from Colombia.


Venezuela's Rodriguez: Evidence Links Julio Borges to Assassination Attempt

In a virtual press conference, the opposition leader said that the "interim government" seeks to prolong itself indefinitely, and pointed out that it ceased to be a means to depose Maduro from power.

In 2018, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) requested the extradition of Borges to Colombia, after accusing him of treason, intentional homicide qualified in degree of frustration, continued public instigation and conspiracy, for his alleged participation in the assassination attempt against Maduro.

In addition, Maduro has accused Borges of being behind the attacks against Venezuelan migrants in several countries.
For his part, Borges stated that he will present a package of reforms for the opposition and the "interim government."

Last September, the opposition political organization Primero Justicia announced that it would no longer participate in the spaces that attend to the management of Venezuela's assets abroad, after calling for a review of their management by Guaidó's interim team.

The Venezuelan government has denounced that the country has been stripped of its assets. Among these are the oil company Citgo in the United States, the petrochemical company Monómeros, and the gold it has deposited in the Bank of England.

In addition, Venezuelan authorities have said that the income of this company has been stolen by the opposition leadership to finance its personal expenses.

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