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Venezuela to Open New Investigation Against Guaido

  • Opposition politician Juan Guaido, Venezuela.

    Opposition politician Juan Guaido, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @joeltena

Published 15 September 2021

This opposition politician welcomed the Colombian attempts to take control of the Venezuelan company Moneros.

On Tuesday, the Venezuelan Attorney’s General Office announced that it would open a new investigation against opposition politician Juan Guaido for crimes related to the intervention of Colombia in Moneros, which is a Venezuelan company that manufactures agricultural inputs in the neighboring country.


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Two special prosecutors will investigate Guaido for usurpation of functions, treason, conspiracy, theft of assets, and criminal association. This decision comes after he welcomed that Colombia’s Superintendence of Companies took control of Moneros with the alleged purpose of "ordering the necessary corrective to remedy a critical situation of accounting order".

"Guaido conspires with foreign powers to strip our people of its legitimate heritage and cause suffering and pain. His actions will not go unpunished. Justice will prevail!", Venezuela’s Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez said, stressing that his illicit activities have financed the expenses of the opposition.

The new investigation against Guaido adds to almost three dozen cases, in which he is accused of usurpation of functions, corruption, incitement to the disobedience of laws, terrorism, and conspiracy with foreign governments.

Due to the U.S. sanctions against the Bolivarian revolution, the assets that Moneros owns abroad remain "frozen." This subsidiary of the Petrochemical Company of Venezuela (PEQUIVEN) and its international partners are also prohibited from doing business with Caracas.

For years, the U.S. economic siege you have sought to provoke a change of government in this South American country, even resorting to actions that violate international law.

Despite the illegal actions carried out to reach such a goal, President Nicolas Maduro stays in office serving the Venezuelan people, who have suffered the consequences of an economic crisis prompted by the U.S. blockade.

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