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Venezuelan Officials Corrupted by Colombian Gangs Were Arrested

  • Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

    Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab. | Photo: Twitter/ @venanalysis

Published 10 February 2022

The paramilitary-like gangs are also trying to enter Venezuelan neighborhoods to co-opt teenagers and children. The Bolivarian government, however, is dealing them hard blows.

On Thursday, Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab revealed that the Colombian armed terrorists and drug trafficking groups ("TANCOL") used some politicians who had immunity for drug trafficking activities.


Venezuela: Ongoing Actions Against Colombian Paramilitaries

“Officials corrupted by Colombian drug money have been arrested. Their objective was to behead the State and generate an armed conflict in the country, such as the one that Colombia has since 1960,” Saab said.

“Terrorist actions have been promoted from Colombia, such as the drone attack on the President Nicolas Maduro, and shelter and support have been given to criminals who tried to land mercenaries on our shores. We must remember that Colombia is the world's largest cocaine producer. Its output has not decreased in the last two decades,” he added.

The Attorney General also pointed out that Colombia has exported to Venezuela the "logic of mega gangs," which use terror to exercise territorial control in neighborhoods and rural areas.

Currently, these gangs, which operate in a similar way to paramilitary groups, are trying to enter Venezuelan neighborhoods to co-opt teenagers and children.

"In recent weeks, however, the Venezuelan state has dealt powerful blows to all these criminal structures," Saab said, recalling that the "Koki Gang" was completely dismantled with the death of its leader. 

Over the last five months, 62 TANCOL members were detained by Venezuelan authorities through operations of the 2022 Bolivarian Shield plan. Most of these criminals were apprehended in the states of Apure, Bolivar, and Tachira.

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