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Venezuelan National Assembly to Present a Consensus Document

  • National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez (C).

    National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez (C). | Photo: teleSUR

Published 28 February 2024

The Bolivarian Revolution has never affected the election deadlines established in the Constitution, said legislator Rodriguez.

On Wednesday, Venezuelan National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez led a multi-sector dialogue session in preparation for the 2024 presidential elections.


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The meeting was attended by 150 representatives of political organizations, which represent 97 percent of the organizations registered with the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Rodriguez emphasized that dialogue and discussion on fundamental and transcendent issues of Venezuelan society will always be preferable, aiming to find consensus and common ground within differences. He asserted that this strengthens Venezuelan society.

So far, Venezuelan authorities have held nine major rounds of dialogue in which entrepreneurs, academics, religious figures, students, artists, and other social actors have presented proposals to define the electoral calendar.

In these dialogue rounds, participants managed to agree on issues such as defending the principle of sovereignty, rejecting any external aggression to the economy, respecting the independence of institutions, establishing electoral guarantees for all, and ensuring equal opportunities to disseminate government programs through media and social networks.

Rodriguez indicated that the document resulting from these discussions will be presented to the CNE, which is the authority with competence to decide the electoral calendar.

The legislator from the Unified Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) invited all participants to continue with a permanent dialogue on the most important issues for the country.

"We have built a document of national consensus. We have agreed in the defense of the Republic's sovereignty and peace, as well as in the recognition of the election results," Rodriguez pointed out.

"In the last 22 years, the Bolivarian Revolution has never affected the election deadlines established in the Venezuelan Constitution," he added.

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