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Venezuelan Military Foils Terrorist Infiltration from Colombia

  • Venezuelan Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol.

    Venezuelan Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol. | Photo: Screen Grab Ministry of Interior

Published 3 May 2020

At dawn on May 3, mercenaries tried to carry out an invasion by sea, the interior minister said at a press conference on Sunday morning.

The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace of Venezuela, Nestor Reverol, announced on Sunday the disarticulation of an incursion by a terrorist group into the country via sea.


Venezuela to Carry out Special Repatriation Operations

Reverol said the infiltration attempt came from a terrorist group trying to enter Venezuela from Colombia.

Reverol highlighted that the objective of this incursion was to commit terrorist acts in the country, like carrying out asassinations of leaders of the revolutionary government, while also promoting violence across the South American nation.

He explained that the group of terrorist mercenaries from Colombia had the purpose of committing terrorist acts against the country, murdering leaders of the revolutionary government, increasing the spiral of violence, generating chaos and confusion in the population and thereby deriving from a new attempt to coup.

"These terrorists attempted to enter Venezuelan territory via speedboats along the coasts of the state of La Guaira, but thanks to the timely and effective action of our Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the Bolivarian National Police and special action police, some were killed and others arrested," he stressed.

Reverol also said that the weapons of these terrorists were seized, while emphasizing that the operation is still ongoing, so details will be provided later and other arrests are not ruled out, since a thorough ground search is being carried out by land, sea and air.

"We remain on constantly alert and and we will resista any threat against our country and we will respond forcefully against these terrorist groups that attempt disturb our peace, which is and will be our main victory," he said. 

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