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Venezuelan CNE: First Nominations for the Nov 21 Election

  • Venezuelan CNE

    Venezuelan CNE | Photo: Prensa Latina

Published 6 September 2021

The CNE received more than 190,000 nominations during the first phase of the process for the November elections.

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela, Pedro Calzadilla, presented this Monday the balance of the first phase of the nomination process for the regional and municipal elections of next November 21 70,244 candidates will dispute the 3,082 positions to be renewed.

During a statement to the press, the rector of the entity described this figure as very encouraging and specified that they received more than 190,000 nominations made by 37 of the 42 qualified political organizations. The remaining ones did it through alliances with other political cards.

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"An extraordinary figure that should rejoice and stimulate the spirit and the ever-present democratic spirit of the Venezuelan people. A total of 190,128 nominations were carried out in this process of this first phase for the upcoming regional and municipal elections", he emphasized.

Calzadilla specified that for the 23 Governorships, they have 329 candidates registered; for the 335 Mayorships, they have 4,462 candidates; and 65,000 people will dispute the Legislative Councils and Municipal Councils.

These figures could vary during the second phase of the process when the evaluation of the candidacies will occur, or if any modification is made, a stage that will begin next September 13 and end on September 22.

The president of the CNE also detailed that, of the total number of male and female candidates postulated to the process, 49.44 percent correspond to women, while 50.56 percent are men.

"It is an extraordinarily good figure. A figure that speaks of what is happening in Venezuela in this effort to eliminate all types of gender exclusion in our society," he added.

Likewise, he commented that the electoral chronogram is still under development and that next September 9, there will be a significant activity in which the organizations with national political purposes will participate to decide the position in the electoral ballot. For the regional parties, it will be on September 11.

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