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Venezuela to Sue Bank of England for Theft of 31 Tons of Gold

  • Gold Bar Badge from Bank of England

    Gold Bar Badge from Bank of England | Photo: Flickr

Published 20 May 2020

Bolivian diplomacy also reported that the UN Security Council will analyze the mercenary incursion that occurred on May 3.

Venezuela's Representative to the United Nations Samuel Moncada Tuesday announced that his country will sue the Bank of England for stealing 31 tons of gold that this financial institution had in its custody. This lawsuit will be brought before a British court.


Venezuela Reveals More Links Between Opposition and Foiled Plot

"Looting is a crime of extermination by denying the people vital means to face the worst pandemic in a century. It is the colonial war against Venezuela!", Moncada tweeted.

"It is not the first time that the Bank of England has acted as a looting agent against the peoples. Now it violates contracts and swindles nations taking advantage of the pandemic. A crime against humanity. An alert to the world to never again trust these pirates of the century XXI!," he stressed.

This legal action happens after the British institution refused to comply with a request made by the Central Bank of Venezuela that asked it to sell a part of the Venezuelan ingots that it maintains in the vaults to deliver the resources to the United Nations Program for the Development (UNDP) and thus address the situation of the pandemic in the country.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries that joined the United States' blockade against Venezuela, an action without foundation in international law that seeks to destabilize the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Moncada also reported that the United Nations Security Council Wednesday will debate the armed incursion that U.S. Mercenaries carried out to assassinate President Maduro and commit other crimes against the Bolivarian people.

On May 3, the U.S.-based security company Silvercop introduced Colombian-trained mercenaries into Venezuelan territory.

Thanks to the population's immediate response, however, the members of the so-called "Operation Gedeon", which had the support of President Donald Trump's administration, were detained by the Bolivarian Armed Forces.

Given the seriousness of this transnational terrorist operation, Russia requested the meeting of the UN Security Council.

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