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Venezuela to Maintain Operations in Border Zones With Colombia

  • Venezuelan military guard the border with Colombia, March 2021.

    Venezuelan military guard the border with Colombia, March 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Infodefensa

Published 31 March 2021

Recently, Bolivarian authorities denounced several aggressions committed by Colombia-based irregular armed groups against the Venezuelan population.

On Tuesday, Venezuela's Armed Forces Strategic Operational Commander Remigio Ceballos confirmed military operations in border areas with Colombia to block sabotage actions by irregular armed groups coming from this country.


Venezuela Is Victim of Colombian Armed Groups, Maduro Denounces

In recent days, Venezuelan authorities have denounced several aggressions committed by these groups against the civilian population in border zones such in the State of Apure.

In Colombia, however, President Ivan Duque's administration does not combat these irregular armed groups. On the contrary, they are being used as a "beachhead" to escalate conflicts against the Bolivarian nation. 

Venezuela's Parliament President Jorge Rodriguez asserted that Duque's administration abandoned the path of peace and delegated its borders to mafia groups that have turned them into criminal corridors. 

On March 21, Venezuelan Army neutralized six members of irregular groups and captured 29 people who will be prosecuted by the justice system.

"Colombian irregular groups are attacking us with explosives and weapons. They continue instilling terror in the population. They believe they will intimidate us by harassing military bases," Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino twitted.

"They are a strange species of chameleon-like, heartless mercenaries who are driven by drug trafficking. They pretend to do here what they do in Colombia. They won't be able to do it," he added. 

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