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Venezuela Reaffirms Its Support and Solidarity With Nicaragua

  • Venezuelan delegation arriving in Nicaragua for Sandinista celebration

    Venezuelan delegation arriving in Nicaragua for Sandinista celebration | Photo: @RanderPena

Published 19 July 2022

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faría reaffirmed his government's commitment and solidarity with Nicaragua in a meeting held on Tuesday in Managua with his Nicaraguan counterpart, Denis Moncada.

"We appreciate the reception given to us by the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, whom we greeted on behalf of the President (of Venezuela), Nicolás Maduro. We took advantage of the moment and had a pleasant meeting where we expressed solidarity and mutual support between our peoples," the minister said through his Twitter account.

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Faría arrived in Managua to participate in the commemorative acts for the 43rd anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution, where he said that the sovereignty of the peoples of the region would be "defended with courage and dignity."

The Sandinista Revolution was a process carried out between July 1979 and February 1990 in which the Sandinista National Liberation Front put an end to the dictatorship of General Anastasio Somoza.

For his part, Maduro said that the Nicaraguan revolution opened the way for that Central American country's political and social transformation.

As in Venezuela, the US has also imposed sanctions against members of the Nicaraguan government of President Daniel Ortega.

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