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Venezuela: Our Campaigns Are Peaceful

  • A Nicolas Maduro campaign rally today in Aragua

    A Nicolas Maduro campaign rally today in Aragua | Photo: @jaarreaza

Published 13 May 2018

"Contrary to other counties in the region Venezuela’s electoral campaign is peaceful," tweets Venezuelan foreign minister.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza says that the country’s electoral campaign is proceeding peacefully, contrary to the election trail in other Latin American countries.

Venezuela: Opposition Candidate Bertucci 'Won't Join Falcon'

"Contrary to other counties in the region Venezuela’s electoral campaign is peaceful. The people are mobilizing for democracy and demand respect from governments that have tried to position themselves in front, and that have endeavored to interfere in internal affairs," the foreign minister tweeted earlier today.

The 'other countries' include Mexico and Colombia. In Mexico, since candidates started stumping more than 90 candidates, politicians and officials at all government levels have been violently murdered. Most recently, Jose Remedios Aguirre Sanchez, a mayoral candidate from the same coalition as presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was shot at close range in the state of Guanajuato where he was also running.

Last March an assassination attempt was made on progressive candidate Gustavo Petro’s campaign caravan in the border city of Cucuta.

In Venezuela, incumbent candidate Nicolas Maduro, held a massive rally in the state of Aragua and Javier Bertucci, running on the Hope For Change ticket, held a Mother's’ Day brunch in Caracas to meet with would be voters. Henri Falcon, the government’s main opposition and from the Progressive Advance (AP) party was campaigning in the city of Maracaibo today, and candidate Reinaldo Quijada, in the coastal city of Catia La Mar.

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