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Venezuela Increases Agricultural Production by 11 Million Tons

  • Seafood processing plant in Venezuela, Oct. 26, 2022.

    Seafood processing plant in Venezuela, Oct. 26, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 27 October 2022

"To produce is to win and we are winning!", President Nicolas Maduro stressed.

On Wednesday, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro made a balance of the achievements in his administration's "Global Productive Plan."


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“Our country's food output advances thanks to the 'Food Houses' and programs such as 'Food Mission' and 'AgroVenezuela Mission',” he said.

"2023 promises to be a year of more well-being and growth! Venezuela is beginning to consolidate its self-sufficiency goal."

The Bolivarian leader also mentioned that the increases in productivity allow his country to foresee the possibility of generating agricultural exports. "To produce is to win and we are winning!," Maduro stressed.

The tweet reads, "Venezuela continues to be an example of struggle, courage, humanism, and solidarity thanks to the great work of Nicolas Maduro and the organized people who fight every day to have decent housing, which is only guaranteed in revolution."

Agriculture Minister Wilmar Castro reported that there are 11,145,000 tons of food, of which 7,800,000 correspond to the agricultural sector and 3,342,000 to the livestock sector.

"This year's corn harvest has been very important. We managed to plant 514,299 hectares, with a yield of 4.5 tons per hectare. We will harvest 2,314,000 tons of corn," he said, emphasizing that this figure is unprecedented.

In addition, in the states of Guarico and Portuguesa, there are 67,000 hectares of rice crops, which implies a 27 percent growth in production compared to previous years.

Castro also reported that there are 223,000 hectares cultivated with coffee. On the other hand, the Fisheries Minister Juan Loyo reported that 118,000 tons of fishing catch

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