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Venezuela Enters into Campaign for Referendum on Essequibo

  • "All Venezuela" campaign begins in the municipalities of Francisco Javier Pulgar and Colón in the state of Zulia. Nov. 6, 2023. | Photo: X/@NicolasMaduro

Published 6 November 2023

A mock referendum will be held on November 19 to acquaint the population with next month's process.

Venezuela began on Monday the campaign for the December 3 non-binding referendum on the dispute with Guyana over the Essequibo territory.

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Next December 3, citizens will be asked five questions about Venezuela's sovereignty over the Essequibo. The campaign, which will end on December 1, with a nationwide mobilization organized by the regional and municipal teams created for this purpose.

In the last few days, the regional, municipal and parochial campaign commands were sworn in. This is aimed at motivating Venezuelans to participate in the referendum in the defense of the country's sovereignty over the Essequiba Guyana.

According to the Mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, in the first phase of the campaign, the authorities will carry out house-to-house outreach to inform citizens about the referendum questions. 

The tweet reads, "Attention Venezuela! To give way to the beginning of the glorious and historic Electoral Campaign "All Venezuela," the program "Con Maduro +" will be at 8:00 pm. Stay tuned, the people remain united in defense of our Homeland, I am waiting for you tonight!"

During this week, there will also be a conference on sovereignty and national integrity as well as propaganda and mural activities, said the ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV).

The National Electoral Council (CNE) informed that on November 19 a mock referendum will be held to acquaint the population with next month's process.

The tweet reads, "On November 19, the Electoral Power will carry out a voting drill, so that the whole country becomes familiar with the electoral process on the Referendum in defense of Essequiba Guyana, to be held on December 3." 

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on the social network X that the "All Venezuela" Campaign,"will be a campaign of national pride, of union of Venezuelans in defense of our historic rights over Essequiba Guyana."

Maduro has reiterated on several occasions the country's position in favor of peace and dialogue on the dispute with Guyana. "The Essequibo is part of all of Venezuela, it belongs to us because of the heritage and the historical struggle of our Liberators," has said the president. 

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