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Venezuela Denounces EU Attempt to Disrupt Dialogue With Opposition

  • Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza

    Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza | Photo: AVN

Published 18 July 2019

Arreaza’s statement comes as the European Parliament called on the bloc’s council to adopt additional sanctions.

Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced Thursday a new attempt by the European Union to destabilize the dialogue process between government representatives and the opposition in Barbados.

Venezuela Rejects EU Sanctions Warnings

“The institutions of the European Union are determined to disrupt and try to destroy the dialogue process in Venezuela. They do not respect the sovereignty, nor the right to peace. What would Jean Monnet think?” the diplomat tweeted.

Arreaza’s statement countered a resolution approved on Wednesday by the European Parliament, which calls on the bloc’s council to adopt additional sanctions targeting state authorities.

The MEPs also requested to restrict movement, freeze assets and suspend visas, as well as those of their closest relatives.

This week, Venezuelan officials already denounced and rejected statements made on by the High Representative of the EU, Federica Mogherini.

The EU's representative threatened the South American country with new sanctions if there was no progress in talks between the Venezuelan opposition and the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Both developments yielded in the EU’s core political spheres seem incendiary at a key moment when negation talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition factions are underway in Barbados.

Venezuelan Delegation Arrives in Barbados to Continue Dialogue

Even Norway’s government, who is preceding the talks, went ahead on Thursday to “underline the necessity of the parties showing utmost caution in their comments and statements about the process.” 

Yet despite these coarse attempts to destabilize the situation, the Scandinavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed that negotiations proceed in a “continuous and efficient manner.”

“I am hopeful that the parties will progress in the search for sustainable solutions for all Venezuelans. I reiterate my gratitude towards the Government of Barbados for their hospitality”, said the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

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