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Venezuela Denounces OAS, Foreign Attempts to Sabotage Dialogue

  • Samuel Moncada speaking at the United Nations

    Samuel Moncada speaking at the United Nations | Photo: @CancilleriaVE

Published 12 July 2019

Venezuela's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samuel Moncada warns Trump administration continues to plan military aggression against the nation.

Venezuela's ambassador before the U.N., Samuel Moncada, denounced the continuous harrassment from the United States and other countries that are trying to impede Venezuela from resolving its political situation through dialogue.

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Moncada said that since the failed coup attempt by the self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido, April 30 that the U.S. and its allies are more "desperate" to topple the Bolivarian government.

"This (strategy) has a name, and it is a war attempt against Venezuela," insisted the senior official during a press conference at the U.N. headquarters in Washington D.C. Friday.

"OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro, like the Colombian President Ivan Duque, among others, are pushing for a military intervention, war and violence, instead of seeking peace like what his mandate should be about."

Moncada condemned the latest comments issued by Almagro at an OAS (Organization of American States) press conference Friday that also took place in D.C., during which Almagro continues to call for the "military" option in Venezuela, according to Moncado.  It is "shameful" to hear from the head of an organization whose charge formally prohibits the use of force and the interference in domestic affairs, said the Venezuelan diplomat to the U.N. 

Almagro, who sat alongside U.S. envoy leader to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams at the OAS meeting, was dismissive of the Norway-mediated talks that began in late May between the Venezuelan government and opposition. Almagro admitted Friday to reporters he doesn't know the "logic" or "process" of the talks becuase he is not participating in them.

Almagro seems to be implementing the U.S. foreign agenda from the top of an international organization, as if he were "a sub-secretary of Senior Abrams, who has been condemned for war crimes committed in Guatemala and Iraq."

"The dialogue is ongoing and functioning, negotiations haven't culminated yet, although I am not sure whether they will continue next week or not," added Moncado. The peace dialogues have been taking place in Norway and Barbados.

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