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Unity Prompts BRICS Strength, Venezuelan President Maduro Says

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Aug. 24, 2023.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Aug. 24, 2023. | Photo: X/ @Mision_Verdad

Published 24 August 2023

"Union promotes a new paradigm of global relations and a new world geopolitics," the Bolivarian leader pointed out.

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro participated in the 15th Summit of the BRICS, an economic cooperation group led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


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"I want to greet with great enthusiasm the holding of this historic 15th summit of the bloc of emerging economies made up of Brazil, Russia, Indica, China, and South Africa that has been laying very solid foundations for the construction of a new world system," he said.

This new international order must be a "truly free, inclusive, fair, and supportive one", the Bolivarian leader stated, specifying that this will allow the restoration of "the principles of international law threatened by the old imperial hegemonic system".

“Venezuela sincerely appreciates the cordial invitation that South Africa, in its capacity as BRICS pro tempore president, has extended to us to participate in this historic summit and contribute to the BRICS+ approachement dialogue," he added. 

"Definitely, union is what makes strength and that unitary force promotes a new paradigm of global relations and a new world geopolitics." 

“I am very pleased to further convey the admiration and recognition of the Venezuelan people towards the peoples and governments of the BRICS countries, which have take the vanguard in building a world of peace and economic prosperity based on support for civilizing diversity,” Maduro pointed out.

During his speech, the Bolivarian leader recalled that the BRICS represents 31.7 percent of global output, is home to 43 percent of the planet's population, and carries out 18 percent of international trade.

He also mentioned that the BRICS countries control 87 percent of the world's oil reserves, 25 percent of the gas reserves, and contribute 40 percent of the world's energy.

The Bolivarian leader recalled that Venezuela requested to be a BRICS member in 2015 and reiterated his nation's interest in joining this economic cooperation bloc.

He pointed out that his country would provide the BRICS with the world's largest certified oil reserves and other abundant natural resources such as iron, copper, gold, silver, bauxite, coltan, nickel, rhodium, and titanium.

Maduro also stressed that Venezuela has a privileged geographical position in both the north of South America and the Caribbean, which could also contribute to the consolidation of the BRICS in the contemporary international scenario.

"The BRICS play a fundamental role in the geopolitical dynamics that has generated trust between the peoples and governments of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia," he said, stressing the importance of cultural exchange and communication cooperation.

"The consolidation of these ambitious alliances requires a high level of awareness of the peoples about their realities, strengths, and capacities to advance together," the Venezuelan president pointed out.

"To this end, we propose to strengthen the communication alliance through the relaunch of cooperation between TVBRICS and teleSUR, a Latin American and Caribbean multimedia platform," Maduro stressed.

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