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US Blockade of Cuba Denies Right to Alternative Model

  • "If the US wanted to take Cuba off that list it would. The Cuban and US peoples agree on the aspiration for a better relationship. Those who advocate letting Cuba choose its own path and stop punishing a whole nation because the U.S. doesn't like its government far outnumber the supporters of such policy." | Photo: Twitter @JohanaTablada

Published 17 June 2021

U.S. hostility against Cuba and other progressive projects denies peoples' right to build and develop an alternative model opposed to that imposed by dominant forces, a diplomatic source denounced today.

The United States deputy director of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Johana Tablada, rejected the siege imposed by the northern nation against Havana and its resurgence in the midst of the pandemic.


Cuba To Suspend In-Person Deposits of US Dollars

"The policy of the United States against Cuba has been to put an end to the government using all kinds of aggressions: armed, economic, political and financing of internal subversion," Tablada said during a virtual meeting against the blockade called by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

In the midst of the pandemic, when humanity concentrates on how to survive, it is surprising that solidarity with the largest of the Antilles has not been extinguished, she acknowledged. Tablada thanked on behalf of the island the rejection of the US siege and the support shown from all continents.

The diplomat described as monumental the challenge of the Cuban people against the United States, 'a power for which a sovereign, independent and socialist project is not acceptable,' she said.

'The most reactionary forces convinced Trump that the blockade of Cuba had not succeeded because it was not applied to its maximum capacity, and the policy was to do as much damage as possible in the shortest time possible,' she said.

However, she stressed, they did not win and they will not because the Cuban people have demonstrated their ability to resist.

The diplomat ratified the illegality and extraterritoriality of the siege by mentioning the banks that closed accounts in Cuba 'because the United States can fine them.' "No one imagined that six months after Joe Biden took office, the inhumane measures against Cuba implemented by his predecessor would be maintained," she remarked.

"On the contrary, these continued and the Caribbean nation was even included in a spurious list of countries that do not fight terrorism, a measure that serves as a cover for Washington to justify its aggressiveness against the Antillean nation", she stressed.

'If the United States were really concerned about human rights in Cuba, they would have have eliminated or at least, eased the blockade,' Tablada concluded.

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