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U.S. Policeman Shoots 11 Year-Old-Boy, Family Seeks Charges

  • 11 Years Old Aderrien Murry. May. 26, 2023.

    11 Years Old Aderrien Murry. May. 26, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@MwahafarN

Published 26 May 2023

“An 11-year-old Black boy in the city of Indianola came within an inch of losing his life”

A Mississippi family is calling for the charging of a police officer with aggravated assault, following the shooting of an 11-year-old boy during the police response to a domestic disturbance call placed by said child at their residence.


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According to the statement issued Carlos Moore, the family's lawyer, Aderrien Murry called the police at the request of his mother, he was completely unarmed and was following the instructions from Indianola officer Greg Capers when Capers shot him in the chest last Saturday.

“We are demanding justice,” Moore said on Thursday during a protest that his law office showed on a livestream video.

“An 11-year-old Black boy in the city of Indianola came within an inch of losing his life,” Moore said at Indianola City Hall. “He had done nothing wrong and everything right.”

Aderrien’s mother, Nakala Murry, said her son is “blessed” to be alive, but he does not understand why an officer shot him.

“This was the worst moment in my life and I feel like nobody cares. That’s my child, y’all,” Nakala said as she cried in the lobby of City Hall.

According to Moore's statement, Nakala requested her son to contact police at the early hour of 4 am, after the unexpected arrival of the father of one of her other children at her house.

During the discourse, Moore expressed that the individual in question was agitated, while Nakala experienced a sense of intimidation.

“He called the police to come to his mother’s rescue,” Moore said, adding, “He called his grandmother to come to his mother’s rescue. The police came there and escalated the situation.”

According to Moore, two law enforcement officers were deployed to the location in question, and one of them proceeded to forcibly kick open the front door prior to Murry's eventual entrance into the room. Nakala informed them that the trespasser had vacated the premises, notwithstanding the presence of three minors in the residence.

Moore said that Aderrien entered the living room empty-handed when Capers shoot him in the chest.

Murry was then transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center to receive medical care and was discharged on Wednesday.

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