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Two Colombian Parties Support the Historical Pact Candidates

  • Street mural shows candidates Francia Marquez (L) and Gustavo Petro (R), Colombia, June 2022.

    Street mural shows candidates Francia Marquez (L) and Gustavo Petro (R), Colombia, June 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @erlend_kimmich

Published 2 June 2022

The Independent Social Alliance urged "the Colombian people to act with the greatest responsibility, and political prudence and to vote for Gustavo Petro." 

On Wednesday, Renascent Colombia party and Independent Social Alliance (ASI) announced their support for the Historical Pact presidential candidate Gusdtavo Petro and his vice presidential candidate Francia Marquez, who will participate in the second round to be held on June 19.


Afro-Colombians Support Petro for Colombia’s Structural Change

The Renascent Colombia leader Luis Gilberto Murillo, who was the Hope Coalition vicepresidential candidate, mentioned that his party's support arose after consulting the militancy throughout the country.

He also explained that this decision is consistent with the founding principles of his political group, among which is the promotion of social inclusion, social justice, and equal opportunities.

On the other hand, the ASI leader Berenice Bedoya said her group joins "the search for peace, dignity, and progress for Colombians," an option that makes them support the leftist binomial.

"We urge all our militancy and the Colombian people to act with the greatest responsibility and political prudence, to trust in an objective, coherent, and possible proposal, and to vote for Gustavo Petro's candidacy on June 19," the Independent Social Alliance tweeted.

This exhortation comes amidst the growing denunciations against the presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez, who went to the second round sponsored by the league of anti-corruption rulers and supported by the Colombian extreme right.

Besides having a "personal friendship" with former President Alvaro Uribe, who faces legal proceedings for his ties to paramilitaries, Hernandez has expressed views against women and the poor, hate speech against ethnic groups, and "his admiration" for Adolf Hitler.

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