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Thirteen Candidates To Compete for the Presidency of Paraguay

  • File photo of a Paraguayan woman voting at home.

    File photo of a Paraguayan woman voting at home. | Photo: Twitter/ @hoypy

Published 21 February 2023

In April, some 4,8 million citizens will elect president, vice president, lawyers, governors, and members of the departmental boards.

On Tuesday, Luis Mauro, a member of the Electoral Justice Superior Court (TSJE), announced that 13 candidates will compete for the Paraguayan presidency on April 30.


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This number is unprecedented in this South American country, which will hold its seventh general elections since the fall of the Alfredo Stroessner dictatorship in 1989, Mauro recalled, adding that 9,008 candidates will run for the April ballots.

In that month, some 4,850,000 Paraguayans will elect president, vice president, lawyers, governors and members of the departmental boards.

Mauro stressed that the deadlines established until April 30 "are being meticulously met." For this reason, the TSJE trainers will go out to visit different municipalities to demonstrate to the citizens how the electronic voting machines operate.

Through its website, the Electoral Tribunal disseminated a simulator that includes the electoral ballot for president and vice president, which also has the option to vote blank.

Mauro clarified that the registered candidates can resign at any time, but their image will continue to appear on the ballot.

These 2023 elections will have observers from the Organization of American States (OAS), the European Union, and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (UNIORE).

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