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Telegram Returns to Brazil After Removing Bolsonaro's Fake News

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. | Photo: Twitter/ @Lindasod

Published 21 March 2022

Previously, Telegram had resisted removing messages posted by Bolsonaro, who casts doubt on the transparency of the electronic ballot boxes that will be used in the October elections.

Telegram will be able to resume its operations in Brazil after this platform eliminated fake news published by President Jair Bolsonaro.


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On March 18, Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes ordered the suspension of Telegram’s operations due to its "repeated non-compliance" with court orders. He has ordered the company to explain its plan to "combat disinformation" and appoint a legal representative in Brazil, something with which it had not yet complied.

In the decision released this Sunday, De Moraes explained that Telegram "has already complied" with these and other determinations, for which the suspension of services is nullified.

Previously, however, Telegram had resisted removing false information posted by Bolsonaro, who casts doubt on the transparency of the electronic ballot boxes that will be used in the October elections.

The tweet reads, "Jair Messias Bolsonaro did nothing for Brazil. He has no work, project or feat belonging to his administration. The Bolsonaro administration is a shame! The Vice President can be Braga Netto or whoever. Bolsonaro is finished! Jair is gone!" "Three years of government and no project for the country in any area. Bolsonaro is a failure."

The Brazilian electronic voting system was adopted two decades ago and has never been the subject of a fraud complaint. Nevertheless, Bolsonaro, who was elected with those same ballot boxes in 2018, holds that the electronic ballot boxes are "manipulated."

This politician, who intends to aspire to presidential re-election, considered the blockade ordered by the Supreme Court judge "inadmissible" and ordered his officials to appeal against that decision. This legal action, however, was left without effect, after Telegram's decision to comply with legal regulations and collaborate with the Justice.

The far-right leader has raised the tone of his criticism of the electoral system, as opinion polls show an unstoppable decline in his popularity. According to the latest polls, the clear favorite to become the next president of Brazil is Lula da Silva, who has a voting intention close to 45 percent. Bolsonaro gets 30 percent at most.

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