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TV BRICS to Organize a Global Media Tour in Russia

  • Poster of the Russian edition of the 2023 BRICS Global Media Tour.

    Poster of the Russian edition of the 2023 BRICS Global Media Tour. | Photo: TV BRICS

Published 30 June 2023

Journalists from Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique will visit the Eurasian country to learn how their Russian colleagues work.

From July 2 to 11, the BRICS Media Association, TV BRICS International Media Network, and the Gorchakov Fund will organize the "BRICS Global Media Tour - Russian Edition," which is a visit for journalists from around the world to Russian media.


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In Moscow and Kemerovo, visitors will be able to observe the work of their Russian colleagues and have exclusive access to visit and cover leading events on the international agenda which are held in Russia.

Among the participants are top managers of media companies, partners of TV BRICS from Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They represent various types of media: state and private TV stations, radio, news agencies of national and regional levels.

The media tour programme consists of several tracks: educational, business and cultural. Within the business track, meetings with the leadership of the Communications Ministry and the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters, as well as the business dialogue at the Moscow office of TV BRICS, are planned.

The educational track includes conferences and expert sessions dedicated to the issues of journalism and media education, as well as multilateral cooperation between BRICS and Africa, which will take place at the Humanities Institute of TV and Radio Broadcasting (GITR).

"Strengthening cooperation within BRICS is an important area of work for all member countries of the association. Current developments show the need for closer information cooperation, and the increased interest in BRICS participation from different countries of the world only underscores the need for this vector of work," said Victoria Karsleyeva, deputy director of the Gorchakov Fund.

"The BRICS Global Media Tour-Russian Edition, will give to media experts from the five countries and BRICS+ countries not only the opportunity to get acquainted with Russian achievements in various fields, to meet personally with leading specialists from the public sector, media and journalism, but also to develop horizontal contacts with each other. I'm sure that the media tour participants will be able to exchange ideas for the development of media cooperation and outline plans for future work," she added.

The central event of the BRICS Global Media Tour-Russian Edition will be a visit of foreign delegates to Kuzbass (Kemerovo) and the participation in the events of the Global Energy International Association.

An international award ceremony will be held in Kemerovo on 6 July to honour the Association for outstanding research and development in the field of energy. The Global Energy Prize is one of the top 99 most prestigious and significant international awards.

It is planned that BRICS and African media leaders will be able to personally participate in all the events of the international prize, talk to Russian and foreign scientists and visit industrial and cultural sites of Kuzbass, get acquainted with the region, which this year hosts a major event of the global scientific and technological agenda.

A special cultural programme will be organised for the delegates, involving visits to the main sights of Moscow and Kemerovo, as well as participation in a series of welcome events in the traditional Russian style, demonstrating the famous Russian hospitality.

"It is important to note that the media tour is conducted at an expert level. Considering the composition of the delegates, we can expect an effective exchange of experience, active B2B communication, strengthening of existing and building of new business connections, planning of new joint media projects and taking practical decisions on further cooperation within the programme of the visit," said Janna Tolstikova, the CEO of TV BRICS.

"It is also an opportunity to "evolve" with our partners, to show them Russia not through content prepared by our Russian editorial office, but offline, to draw attention to a constructive information agenda including business cooperation, partnership in science and technology, education and culture. We hope not only for broad coverage of the events of the foreign delegates' visit to Russia in the foreign media of our international partners, but also to develop the idea of holding such tours regularly in other BRICS+ countries," she said.

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