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State of Bahia Elects the First Indigenous Governor in Brazil

  • Jeronimo Rodrigues (L) and Lula da Silva (R), Brazil, 2022.

    Jeronimo Rodrigues (L) and Lula da Silva (R), Brazil, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @bchartsnet

Published 31 October 2022

He has extensive experience in public management, speciallly in planning, agrarian development, and territorial development.

On Sunday, the Workers' Party (PT) candidate Jeronimo Rodrigues won 52 percent of the votes in the second round in the race for the government of the State of Bahia.


The World Rejoices Over Lula Da Silva's Victory in Brazil

Although Jeronimo joined the Workers' Party in 1990, the 2022 elections were his first electoral experience, from which he emerged victorious after defeating Antonio Carlos Magalhaes, a conservative leader with a long track record in politics.

In 1987, he attended studies in agricultural engineering at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in Cruz da Almas City, where he began his political life as a student activist.

Jeronimo then completed a master's degree in agronomy and became Agriculture Secretary during the mayor's office led by Moacyr Viana.

He has been a professor and deputy director of the Department of Applied Social Sciences (DCIS) at the State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS).

Jeronimo has extensive experience in Bahia's public sector. In 2007, he was advisor to the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation during the Jaques Wagner government, which was also led by the Workers' Party.

Later, he participated as a senior official in the Planning Secretariat, the Ministry of Agrarian Development, and the Territorial Development Secretariat.

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