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Spain: Presidential Candidates Conclude Last Debate

  • Santiago Abascal (left), Yolanda Díaz (center) and Pedro Sánchez (right) in the last presidential debate. Jul. 20, 2023.

    Santiago Abascal (left), Yolanda Díaz (center) and Pedro Sánchez (right) in the last presidential debate. Jul. 20, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@teleSURtv

Published 20 July 2023

"...candidates addressed issues such as employment, GDP growth or inflation..."

On Tuesday, the last debate between the candidates for the Spanish presidency took place, where the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez and the candidate for Sumar, Yolanda Díaz ratified their articulation against Santiago Abascal, president of the ultra-right-wing Vox party.


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With the absence of the PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the other candidates addressed issues such as employment, GDP growth or inflation, in the third and last debate, with three of the four major parties present (PSOE, Sumar and Vox).

In this context, the second vice president and has also asked for the support of her party "to look to the future, to continue to raise wages, reduce the working day, fight climate change and have fair rents".

Abascal, stop laughing at women. We are not going to allow it.

"To be able to love without fear we need you, to be able to have culture without fear and without censorship we need you, it is for you, for the workers, for the self-employed, for the youth, for my father's generation, but also for my daughter's generation, for free women. Next Sunday, vote for you," Yolanda Díaz expressed.

"You represent the hammer and sickle, Mrs. Diaz. They are used to giving orders and perhaps with others it would be enough for them, but not with us," expressed the ultra-right-wing Abascal when comparing Yolanda Díaz's political proposal with symbols of communism and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Yolanda Díaz leads the confrontation against the extreme right and manages to juggle between defending the coalition government with the PSOE and presenting her own program that is more ambitious than that of her partner

On the rights of women and LGBTIQ+ people, the leader of Sumar questioned if the Vox candidate knew how many women have been victims of femicide since 2003. "1,212 and his policy is to repeal the laws that are giving us rights. The women of our country are not going to allow it," Diaz said.

"I choose the block of democracy, feminism and environmentalism. I ask for the vote to prevent Abascal from being vice-president", the second vice-president of the Government, Minister of Labor and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz.

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