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Spain Disqualifies Catalan Leader Torra from Public Office

  • Former President of the Catalan Regional Government Joaquim Torra.

    Former President of the Catalan Regional Government Joaquim Torra. | Photo: Twitter/ @JordiViny

Published 11 May 2022

Previously, Spain's Supreme Court also confirmed a sentence for "disobedience" against Joaquim Torra, who displayed signs in solidarity with the jailed pro-independence leaders.

A Barcelona-based court sentenced Joaquim Torra, former president of the Catalan Regional Government (CRG), to 15 months disqualification from public office and a 24,000-euro fine for "disobedience."


Catalans Protest Against Arrest Of Pro-Independence Leader

In Sept. 2019, Torra did not comply with a judicial resolution that forced him to remove the banner reading, "Free Political Prisoners and Exiles," which was hanging from the facade of the CRG headquarters.

This is the second sentence that the Catalan leader receives for that act since he was already sentenced to 18 months of disqualification from public office in Dec. 2019

In Sep. 2020, Spain’s Supreme Court confirmed that Torra "was guilty of disobedience for displaying signs in solidarity with the jailed pro-independence leaders on public buildings," as recalled by Catalan News.

On March 17, 2022, Torra was due to appear in a court to answer for the proceedings against him. He, however, did not attend, arguing that he was not willing to take part in a farce.

"I will not legitimize a new farce, a new repressive staging disguised as justice... I ask the international courts for protection because I do not recognize the legitimacy of Spanish justice, which does not respect international treaties or fundamental rights," he said.

The Catalan leader then described the new trial as an expression that the "political repression of the Spanish state against the Catalan minority continues."


Joaquim Torra
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