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Counter-Protest Against Independentists Organized in Barcelona

  • Catalan Civil Society marched all along the Paseo de Gracia under slogans like

    Catalan Civil Society marched all along the Paseo de Gracia under slogans like "Long live Spain", "Barcelona doesn’t burn" and "I am Spanish". | Photo: El Periodico

Published 27 October 2019

Despite the pre-election climate that Spain lives, SCC managed to gather the PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos, that for a few hours claimed unity under the flag of "constitutionalism."

Around 80,000 people according to the Urban Guard demonstrated through the center of Barcelona against the independence process, in a unitary mobilization called by the Catalan Civil Society (SCC), which also demanded regional elections.


Massive 'Liberty' March to Support Catalonia's Right to Decide

Under the slogan "For concord, for Catalonia: enough!", demonstrators moved along the Paseo de Gracia, carrying Spanish flags, also Catalan 'senyeres' while chanting "Long live Spain," "Barcelona doesn’t burn," "I am Spanish," "Torra and Puigdemont, together in prison" or "United Spain will never be defeated."

Despite the pre-election climate that Spain lives, the SCC managed to gather support from the Socialist Party of Spain, Popular Party, and Citizens, that for a few hours claimed the unity of constitutionalism, although they later refused to unite for a photoshoot. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez did not attend, although he sent two of his ministers, Josep Borrell and Jose Luis Ábalos.

PSOE is here today to claim a project that unites us all, from diversity, which is Spain and its Constitution, a meeting and coexistence point that has nothing to do with the separation or extremisms that some pose.

In a statement, the Societat Civil Catalana made clear the tiredness of a part of the Catalans: “We will never accept or tolerate violence, neither the symbolic nor the real one. The streets are and will be everyone's, not who intimidates to take them, ” they said.

Contrary to the independence movement, that has shown several times its ability to mobilize thousands in the last ten years, the Catalans who are against separation have only joined the street on very specific dates. The most important march was on Oct. 8, 2017, a week after the referendum.

Meanwhile, Catalonian independentists parties Junts per Catalunya, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, and Popular Unity Candidacy have agreed on a motion for a resolution to reaffirm themselves in the path for the "right of self-determination" and condemn the Supreme Court's ruling on the sedition that was consumed in the critical moments of the process.

Catalonia has faced two weeks of demonstrations in front of commissaries and squares to protest for those detained in riots and to ask for the freedom of secessionist leaders, punished with nine to 13 years in prison for their role in the failed independent process of 2017. The last altercations were on Saturday night, at the end of a peaceful demonstration to request the freedom of the prisoners.

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