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South Sudan: President Kiir Dissolves Parliament

  • Salkva Kiir (R) met with the leader of the National Dialogue, South Sudan, Sep. 2020.

    Salkva Kiir (R) met with the leader of the National Dialogue, South Sudan, Sep. 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @StateHouse_J1

Published 10 May 2021

The formation of a new parliament is part of the 2018 peace agreement whereby the number of lawmakers will be expanded from 400 to 550.

South Sudan President Salkva Kiir has dissolved the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and the Council of States, paving way for the reconstitution of both houses. However, he did not give the date when the new parliament will begin working.


South Sudan Rivals Agree To Unity Government

The formation of a new legislative body was part of an agreement signed in September 2018 between Kiir and then-Vice President Riek Machar.

Under the revitalized peace agreement, a reconstituted parliament will be expanded from 400 to 550 members, bringing in new members comprising representatives from all the parties to the 2018 peace agreement. It also gives the allocation proportions for member parties.

The governing transitional government will have the majority of the members as it will nominate 332 members, Sudan People's Liberation Movement In-Opposition (SPLM-IO) with 128 members and South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) with 50 members.

According to the peace accord, the Other Political Parties (OPP) shall have 30 representatives and the Former Detainees with 10.

The peace deal also says that the Council of States will be expanded to include 100 members, up from 50 members. The lawmakers will be nominated by their political parties.

Sources said the year-long delay in the reconstitution of the two houses has made it difficult for the enactment of laws that assist the transitional processes, including necessary reforms stated in the peace agreement.


Salkva Kiir
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