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Social Organizations Demand Release of Venezuelan Diplomat Saab

  • Camila Fabri (L) in Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 16, 2023.

    Camila Fabri (L) in Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 16, 2023. | Photo: X/ @RoiLopezRivas

Published 17 October 2023

His lawyers denounced that he is a victim of Lawfare, which is a twisted use of the law for political purposes.

On Monday, social organizations held a rally in Caracas to demand the release of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, who has been in illegal detention in the United States for two years.


UN Experts Call for the Release of Venezuelan Diplomat Saab

This businessman was arrested in Cabo Verde and extradited to the United States. His lawyers emphasize that he was abducted because his detention proceeded without the necessary international legal procedures for such cases.

Saab was not subjected to a proper legal process, as required by his diplomatic status, and his entire legal proceedings in the United States have been manipulated.

International forums have been organized to highlight his case as a paradigmatic example of diplomatic immunity violation. His lawyers state that Saab is a victim of "Lawfare," which is a twisted use of the law for political purposes.

His case demonstrates that the United States has not adhered to due process standards, violated his diplomatic immunity, and disregarded international agreements. Additionally, his defense lawyers have reported that Saab has been subjected to torture and isolation.

The "Free Alex Saab Movement" and other social organizations are demanding that the U.S. authorities release the Venezuelan diplomat. At the Caracas event, Saab's wife, Camila Fabri, and diplomatic representatives from Palestine, Russia, China, and Belarus were in attendance.

In 2018, President Nicolas Maduro's administration appointed Saab as a "Special Envoy" to carry out missions in Iran, with the aim of ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, to Venezuela.

In 2019, the United States accused him of being involved in money laundering operations. Later Saab was detained in Cabo Verde in 2020 while on a journey to Iran.

In 2023, the Tunisian League for Human Rights nominated Saab for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his efforts in support of the Venezuelan people.

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