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Second Mock Elections Kick off in Ecuador

  • Election officials check the voting stations, Ecuador, Sun. 24, 2021.

    Election officials check the voting stations, Ecuador, Sun. 24, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @CNEVice

Published 24 January 2021

The electoral simulation will verify procedures for the transmission and publication of the electoral results ahead of Election Day on February 7.

Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) will carry out the second mock election meant to monitor the electronic system for the transmission and publication of electoral proceedings and results (SETPAR).


Andres Arauz Favorite to Become Ecuador's Next President

The electoral simulation will take place from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m local time this Sunday. It will count with the assistance of representatives from Provincial Electoral Boards and Special Board Abroad and the National Police and the Armed Forces.

CNE officials will evaluate the technical, operational, and logistical procedures, including COVID-19 health protocols to be observed on Election Day on February 7.

The first mock elections were held on Jan. 17 and attended by political organizations' representatives and international observers accredited for the oversight.

Over 13 million Ecuadoreans are eligible to cast their votes on February 7 when a new President, Vice-president, members of the National Assembly, and the supranational Andean Parliament will be elected.

CNE Council for the Equality of Disabilities (CONADIS) President Xavier Torres reaffirmed that people with disabilities would be able to exercise their right to vote as long as a close relative accompanies them.

Over 426,700 people with disabilities are registered to cast their vote. Guayas, Pichincha, and Mana are the provinces with more voters in this group.  Likewise, 789 people will serve as national observers.


Xavier Torres
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