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Russian President Addresses Countries Bordering Russia

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin | Photo: KREMLIN POOL

Published 4 March 2022

The Russian president underlines that Moscow's intentions concerning Russia’s neighbors are not ill-willed.

The actions of all parties involved should be aimed at normalizing relations and cooperating on a routine basis, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, pointed out.   

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In a video conference on Friday, the president reiterated that Moscow has no ill intentions towards Russia's neighbors. There is no need for an escalation of tensions regarding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, he also noted, stating that bordering countries should restrain from worsening the situation. In this respect, he highlighted that Moscow's moves have responded to hostile actions against Russia.   

The Head of State called upon bordering nations to stop the current escalation of tensions in the European continent. He stressed that the priority now is to focus on the rebuilding of relations in order to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine soon.

On the occasion of a flag-hosting ceremony on a high-tech ferry that will transfer cargo between Russia and its enclave region of Kaliningrad in the Baltics, the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, remarked that the new ferry is intended to boost the transport security of the enclave. In this scenario, the Russian president decided to address Russia's neighbors. 

In accord with Anton Alikhanov's statements, sea travel constitutes the only means of transport between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia that remains unaffected by the political decisions of other regional actors.   

Poland and Lithuania, regions bordering the enclave of Kaliningrad, along with the rest of the European Union, closed their airspace to Russian aircraft last week in the face of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine aimed at demilitarizing Kiev. Leaders of the newly recognized republics of Donetsk and Lugansk asked Russia for help because of Ukraine shelling on the Donbass region, as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

Following Kremlin's actions, many countries worldwide have sanctioned Moscow. In this respect, Putin said that such sanctions affect Russia but also those who imposed them. He noted that some projects developed by Russian and foreign partners would be put back, but by no means will they be thrown off course. The country will address efforts to the development of its competence in order to substitute imported technologies with home analogs, Putin said.

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