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Russia Believes Kiev Delays Negotiations

  • Russian Spokesman Dmitry Peskov. March. 3, 2022.

    Russian Spokesman Dmitry Peskov. March. 3, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Eng24Kg

Published 3 March 2022

A Russian spokesman says that Ukraine is not in a hurry with the talks.

On Thursday, Russian Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Russia has reason to believe Ukraine is setting back talks.


Russian-Ukrainian Delegations Met for Negotiations

Peskov noted that Ukraine is not in a hurry with the talks, noting that Ukrainian negotiators have arrived late to the peace talks held in Belarus. He remarked that the delegation from Russia arrived at the destination on Wednesday and had to wait for the Ukrainian side for a day and a half.

The diplomat was asked about how Russia feels regarding the change of the venue, to which the spokesmen replied that the venue is not important; what matters is reaching an agreement based on the balance of both sides' interests.       

The spokesman disclosed that Moscow highly appreciates Belarus for hosting the first round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in such excellent conditions.

Peskov also said that it is essential to seize every opportunity to solve the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe as soon as possible. The priority is communication and the content of the negotiations, he added. However, the spokesman underlined that this is not a matter for public discussion.


Dmitry Peskov
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