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Russia to Focus on Ending US Hegemony: Foreign Policy Concept

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin. | Photo: Twitter/ @upholdreality

Published 31 March 2023

To build a multipolar world, Russia will create conditions to counter any neo-colonial ambitions.

On Friday, President Vladimir Putin approved a new version of Foreign Policy Concept, in which Russia expressed the country's intention to end U.S. hegemony.


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To build a multipolar world, Russia will focus on eliminating the U.S. dominance in world affairs and create conditions to counter any "neo-colonial and hegemonic ambitions," the document said.

The United States is "the main inspirer, organizer and executor of the aggressive anti-Russian policy of the collective West, the source of the major risks to the security of Russia, international peace and balanced, equitable and progressive development of mankind."

Russia voiced its readiness to maintain strategic parity and peaceful coexistence with the United States and to establish a balance of interests between the two countries.

But the prospects for such relations depend on the U.S. readiness to abandon its policy of forceful domination and revise its anti-Russian course in favor of interactions with Russia, the document said.

As for the normalization of Russia-Europe ties, the concept criticized the strategic policy of the United States to "draw and deepen dividing lines in Europe to undermine the competitiveness of the economies of Russia and European states, limit the sovereignty of European states, and ensure the U.S. global dominance."

The Foreign Policy Concept was approved by Putin to replace the 2016 version. The document came into force immediately.

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