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Russia: Military Finds Torture Chamber Near Kherson

  • Russian troops have found evidence of a torture chamber in the Ukrainian village of Zelenovka. May. 3, 2022.

    Russian troops have found evidence of a torture chamber in the Ukrainian village of Zelenovka. May. 3, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@RStatecraft

Published 3 May 2022

Crimes from back to 2014 by Ukrainian neo-Nazi formations have emerged in light of the investigations conducted after the beginning of the Russian special military operation.

Russian forces operating in the Kherson region in Ukraine have found evidence of a makeshift torture chamber used either by neo-Nazi fighters or the Ukrainian military. According to the information released by a security service source, the installations contained the body of a man wearing a Russian military uniform, with evidence of having suffered torture.


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The source has said that the facility has been found in the Zelenovka village, about  7 km northeast of the city of Kherson, adding that "the rigged body, presumably that of a Russian serviceman, was found in the basement of the 'Old Oak' roadside cafe along the M-14 highway in Zelenovka. The body has remnants of special military clothing used by the Russian Armed Forces. The body has no legs, shows signs of torture, and has a slit larynx."

The body was found lying on an anti-tank mine, where TNT was also placed in the area, allegedly intended to kill whoever found it. Among the evidence found by the Russian military, there were Syringes, presumably for narcotics, and a large number of plastic boxes used to store US-made Javelin anti-tank systems.

For many years authorities from Russia and the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics have been collecting data on suspected war crimes by Ukrainian ultranationalist battalions and the regular troops in the Donbass. They were suspected of crimes such as torture and murder of civilians and Donbass militiamen in a network of secret prisons. New evidence has been found on neo-Nazi battalions after the Russian special military operation beginning last February 24. The evidence reveals crimes committed against Russian troops.

Late last month, a video was reportedly released by Ukrainian or Ukrainian-allied forces. They appeared with Russian prisoners of war in a blood bath with their hands tied, with one soldier shot dead on camera. This act confirmed to Danish media that Ukrainian forces were killing Russian POWs.

Nationalists in Ukrainian army formations are accused of committing inhumane acts against their own, which was confirmed by a Ukrainian serviceman captured by Russian and Lugansk People's Militia forces last month when he admitted that the Right Sector battalion had formed a blocking detachment in his unit saying they would kill anyone who runs in the wrong direction when troops began to surrender en masse.

Western media have repeatedly ignored those criminal acts against Russian troops and Donbass civilians and militiamen, and they have worked to derail information that implicated Ukrainian forces in these activities.

The U.S. and EU heads of state have been emphasizing the alleged Russian war crimes, as they were accused of the 300 dead civilians found in the Kiev suburb of Bucha after the Russian military's withdrawal from the region.

Although independent investigations have been calling into question Russia's responsibility for the incident, all evidence dropped that the crime occurred after the Russian withdrawal and when Ukrainian military police units and neo-Nazi national guard formations showed up and promised to punish "Russian collaborators."

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