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Russia Is Interested in Normalizing the Situation in Sudan

  • Impact of the war in Khartoum. Jun. 29, 2023.

    Impact of the war in Khartoum. Jun. 29, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@mejo7600

Published 29 June 2023

According to human rights organizations and Sudanese medical resource, 2800 people were killed in the Sudan´s conflict and almost 3 million have fled the war.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said his country is watching the situation in Sudan with concern and is interested in helping normalize it. This declaration was made during his meeting with Sudan’s Sovereignty Council Deputy Chairman Malik Agar on Thursday June 29.


Sudanese Army Urges Civilians to Fight Paramilitary Forces

He highlighted that "Russia is watching with concern what is happening in Sudan and is interested in helping to create the conditions for normalizing the situation.”. The minister added that “Through our embassy, which remains in Khartoum, we are in contact with all the parties concerned.”

The Russian minister said Agar's arrival in Moscow was "very timely."

"We would appreciate recommendations on how Russia and other members of the international community could contribute to overcoming the crisis.” The minister said. He explained that his government will take this opportunity “to review our bilateral cooperation and chart the way forward. We will also exchange views on the situation in some of your neighboring countries”.

On the other hand, and in spite the announce made by the head of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti) of a unilateral ceasefire with the Sudanese army for the Eid al-Adha Muslim holiday, Khartoum witnessed today a “huge explosion” that shook the walls of houses kilometers away from it, as battles continued between the army and the Rapid Support Forces on the second day of Eid al-Adha, according to residents’ testimonies.

The fire-cease was supposed to be for 3 days, starting last Tuesday, in the first day of Eid al-adha, where Muslim are prohibited by Quran from fighting or killing people.

The Sudanese were pinning great hopes on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, in order to find an outlet, albeit for a short period, in light of the war between the two parties.

Residents reported hearing heavy gunfire in parts of the capital Khartoum early on Wednesday as well as artillery strikes and air strikes that the Sudanese army launched against Rapid Support Forces (RSF) positions.

Thousands fleeing the conflict and waiting along the border with Egypt or those displaced from the western region of Darfur into neighbouring Chad are not celebrating the festival after the ordeals they have been through.


Sergey Lavrov
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