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Russia Adds New Diesel-Electric Submarine to Navy

  • Diesel-electric submarine Mozhaysk, 2023.

    Diesel-electric submarine Mozhaysk, 2023. | Photo: X/ @Saturnax1

Published 28 November 2023

This submarine has an underwater speed of 18 knots and a diving depth of 300 meters.

The Russian Navy will hoist its flag on the diesel-electric submarine Mozhaysk, transferring it to the Pacific Fleet, RIA Novosti news agency reported on Tuesday.


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"On November 28, 2023, a solemn ceremony of raising the naval flag of the Russian Federation on the large diesel-electric submarine Mozhaysk of Project 636 will take place at the Admiralty Shipyard," the shipyard was quoted as saying.

Mozhaysk, built at the Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg, is the fifth out of the six submarines of the Project 636 series for the Pacific Fleet. It was launched in April this year.

The Admiralty Shipyard now continues the construction of the sixth submarine of this project -- Yakutsk. Mozhaysk and Yakutsk were laid down together in August 2021.

The third-generation submarines of this project have a displacement of 3.95 thousand tons, an underwater speed of 18 knots, a diving depth of 300 meters, a crew of 52 people, a cruising range of 45 days, an underwater range at an economical speed of 400 miles.

The submarines of Project 636 are equipped with the latest inertial navigation complex, a modern automated information and control system, high-precision missile weapons and powerful torpedo weapons.

The vessels are armed with torpedoes of caliber 533 mm, mines and a strike missile system Kalibr. They can detect a target at a distance that is three to four times greater than the one at which the enemy can detect them. For their stealth, these submarines received the name "Black Hole" in NATO.

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