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Russia Accuses US of Interfering in Venezuela's Dialogue

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov | Photo: Reuters

Published 8 August 2019

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the main reason for the cancellation of Venezuela's dialogue is Washington's reckless policy against the South American country.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said it regrets the cancellation of the round of negotiations that had been developed in Barbados, between a delegation of the government of President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition.

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The office of the Russian Foreign Ministry, through a statement, said that regardless of who is responsible for this decision, the main cause of the frustration of the dialogue process is due to the "reckless policy" of the United States against Venezuela.

"We deeply regret the cancellation of the previously scheduled round of talks in Barbados between the Government of Venezuela and the opposition. Whatever the outcome of this decision, the main reason for the collapse of the negotiation process is obvious: it is Washington's reckless policy towards Venezuela and its legitimate authorities," said the document.

He also noted that the economic pressure methods that the U.S. has adopted violate international law. "We strongly condemn the obvious American interference in the affairs of a sovereign state," the official text said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry deplored that Venezuelan opponents approve of Washington's policies and that they believe they are "willing to sacrifice the prospect of normalizing the situation in favor of their own ambitions."

Meanwhile, the Russian nation urged to give the Venezuelan people an opportunity to exercise their undisputed right to decide on their destiny, acting in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution and laws.

It also called on the international community to encourage efforts to find a peaceful solution to the political, economic and social situation facing Venezuela.

A delegation of the Venezuelan government and opposition spokesmen carried out a round of negotiations. However, after the resurgence of U.S. political measures against the South American nation and the support of opposition deputies, President Nicolas Maduro announced that the government delegation will not participate in the meeting scheduled for August 8 and 9.

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