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Roger Waters Asks Petro to Lead Action Against Genocide in Gaza

  • Roger Waters (L) and Colombian President Gustavo Petro (R), Dec. 7, 2023.

    Roger Waters (L) and Colombian President Gustavo Petro (R), Dec. 7, 2023. | Photo: X/ @infopresidencia

Published 8 December 2023

During his concert in Bogota, the Pink Floyd founder presented images to denounce Israeli violence against Palestinians.

On Thursday, Colombian President Gustavo Petro held a meeting with Roger Waters, the British singer and co-founder of the band Pink Floyd.


Israeli Occupation Army Attacks UN School in Gaza

During their encounter in Bogotá, Waters expressed his support and admiration for Petro's work in favor of peace and human rights.

The British singer invited the Colombian President to lead an initiative before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to ensure respect for the genocide convention and to halt the violence in the Gaza Strip.

They also discussed the importance of art in creating cultural disruptions that enable the transformation of the world. "It's like breaking down the wall," Waters asserted, who performed at the Coliseo Live in Bogota on Tuesday.

The artist conveyed to the Colombian president that their common goal is "to fight for the human rights of everyone in the world," to which Petro replied, "we are in agreement on that."

During the meeting, Waters gifted a signed guitar to the president's youngest daughter, Antonella Petro. At the concert in Bogota, Waters advocated for stopping the "genocide in Gaza" and passionately called for the defense of human rights.

The British artist praised President Petro and recalled having urged on social media to vote for him in the 2022 elections. He also appealed for an end to the "genocide in Gaza," a sentiment he illustrated with images throughout his over two-hour-long performance.

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