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Restoration of Drinking Water in Venezuela Done Progressively

  • The government has arranged tanker trucks to take water to different sectors.

    The government has arranged tanker trucks to take water to different sectors. | Photo: Telesur

Published 12 March 2019

The distribution of water in Venezuela works mostly by pumping, due to this the attack on the electrical system affected the service, said the Minister for Water Care.

The Venezuelan Minister for Water Care, Evelyn Vásquez, has informed that the national government is working on the progressive restoration of water, with priority in the sectors that have not been in service for a long time.

In an interview for teleSUR, Vásquez explained that the attack to the electrical system damaged the potable water service, because it depends on the pumping.

 Venezuela’s Electric Service Restored Almost In Its Entirety

The water, the minister details, requires an electric ignition to be made potable for human consumption. "There are very few sources that work with gravity, most of the water distribution is by pumping system," she added.

In this regard, she reported that the restoration of water is made progressively by the characteristics of each territory. In the case of Caracas, which is a valley, the lower parts of the city are recovered first.

The state-owned Hidrocapital has maintained a potable water distribution plan to take the service through cisterns to different communities until the pumping systems are fully activated.

Venezuela has since last Thursday faced an attack on its electrical system executed with the participation of members of the U.S. government, as denounced by President Nicolás Maduro.

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