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Venezuela’s Electric Service Restored Almost In Its Entirety

  • An avenue in Caracas downtown, as the electricity in the capital city and the rest of the country is progressively restored

    An avenue in Caracas downtown, as the electricity in the capital city and the rest of the country is progressively restored | Photo: teleSUR

Published 12 March 2019

High ranking Venezuelan officials have stated Tuesday that both electricity and water supply is being restored throughout the territory. 

Vice-president of Communication and Tourism of Venezuela Jorge Rodríguez informed that the electric service in the country has been restored almost in its entirety Tuesday and that throughout the day the water supply will return to the capital city, Caracas.

What's Behind US-Backed Electricity Blackout in Venezuela

"Almost all of the electric power has been restored, the people of Venezuela are safe, but the electric war continues," Rodriguez said at a news conference. This comes as an ongoing series of attacks starting Thursday were perpetrated against the El Guri hydroelectric plant control system leaving the Venezuelan population without electricity for now almost six days. 

Minister Rodriguez, once again, congratulated the Venezuelan people for the civic behavior and assured that even though it is a triumph for the nation, people must be alert in the next couple of hours as “attacks by Venezuelan right-wing sectors will continue”.

According to the Venezuelan government, this nation-wide blackout was brought about by foreign-backed actions aimed at destabilizing the government of President Nicolas Maduro, who stressed that the aggression "affected everyone equally without political distinction."

As power returns, the Minister of Water Attention of Venezuela, Evelyn Vasquez, told teleSUR that the government is working to progressively to restore the water supply in various parts of the country, adding that priorities have been established, which are headed by hospitals throughout the nation.

Vasquez also stated that by the end of Tuesday the lower areas of Caracas, Mirandian valleys and heights, and the State of Vargas will have a normal water supply. On Monday, President Maduro decreed the suspension of all school and work activities for Tuesday and Wednesday, “so that, together with our people, we can progress definitively in the full stabilization of the life and the peace we deserve”.

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