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Putin Slams NATO-Boosting Presence in Eastern Europe

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dec. 19, 2023.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dec. 19, 2023. | Photo: X/ @RT_com

Published 20 December 2023

Russian will maintain the highest level of combat readiness amid the changing nature of military threats.

On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin said that Russian strategic forces remain in high combat readiness given that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has sharply increased its presence in Eastern Europe.


Russia Has Not Any Interest in Fighting With Occidental Countries: President Putin

The North Atlantic alliance is no longer trying to disguise its "aggressive nature" behind "defensive formulations," and U.S. doctrinal documents clearly demonstrate that the country is seeking global superiority, he said at a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Board.

Putin mentioned that NATO has "sharply increased" its military activity, and has deployed forces close to Russia's borders, as well as has been increasing its troop presence in Eastern and Central Europe.

"Finland... has already been drawn into NATO, and Sweden is planning to join," he said, noting that this would essentially lead to the bloc's further expansion towards the East, something that the alliance had previously promised not to do.

Putin stressed the country's nuclear triad should continue to maintain the highest level of combat readiness amid the changing nature of military threats. He said that the share of modern weapons and equipment within the country's nuclear triad has now reached 95 percent, and "almost 100 percent in the naval component."

The Russian leader said that 15 launchers with Yars and Avangard intercontinental ballistic missiles will enter combat duty by the end of the year, as well as four Tu-160M missile carriers.

As for the Ukrainian conflict, Putin reiterated that his nation will continue to pursue its goals set out within the framework of the special military operation, adding that Russian forces are currently maintaining their initiative on the battlefield in Ukraine.

He further said Ukraine is suffering heavy losses and has largely depleted its reserves, as it tries to eagerly demonstrate its results to the West following its counter-offensive.

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